We’d like to thank you for enjoying new-release movies with us.
The last day you'll be able to return movies is March 5, 2015.


Why are you leaving Canada?

We were excited to bring our service here, but unfortunately, demand just didn’t meet our expectations. We will be focusing our attention on our U.S. business, where demand for physical media remains strong.


When will you be leaving stores?

Redbox Canada kiosks will be turned off on March 5. They may remain in stores for a couple of weeks after that, but they won’t be renting out or accepting discs.


Can I still rent movies?

Redbox kiosks in Canada are no longer renting out movies.


If I have a movie out, when do I need to return it by?

Redbox kiosks will accept discs in Canada only until Thursday, March 5.


How much will I be charged if I don’t return my movie?

For each day you keep your movie, you’ll be charged the daily rate ($1.50 + tax for DVDs, $2 + tax for Blu-ray™ discs). After you rent it, you have 20 days to return it before you’re automatically charged the purchase price of the disc ($30 + tax for DVDs, $40 + tax for Blu-ray) and the disc is yours to keep.


What if my local kiosk is already gone?

It’s possible that some Redbox kiosks in Canada will be turned off before March 5. If there are no Redbox locations near you, please give us a call at 1.855.REDBOX5 (1.855.733.2695) and we’ll help you out.


Will I get reimbursed for promo codes I didn’t use?

We’ll be reimbursing customers for promo codes that they bought from TeamBuy, but not for promo codes that we handed out for free.



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